Overview of a Persuasive

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Overview of a Persuasive

Essay Outline

When writing a persuasive essay outline there are a few things to remember. This posting will show you how to effectively gather your thoughts and ideas to put them in an accurate order. Youвll see that this is not a difficult process and will help you organize for your future persuasion essay. Before you begin you should research essay topics to find the appropriate one for you.

The very first thing to list is the introduction to an essay. Ask yourself to questions and list them clearly. The first question should be, В«what is the topic?В» This is when you write a sentence or two that captures the essence of your essay. The subject should be expressed in a clear concise manner within a sentence or two. If it canвt then you need to revise the subject until it does.

The second question should be, В«where do I stand on this issue?В» This part of the persuasive essay outline portray your exact position on the matter. A few common examples would be on political, social, economic, governmental, legislative or global issues. Your stand should be interesting and compelling. You do not want to leave this vague. The reader shouldnвt have to guess, your position should be transparent.

Now that we have the introduction covered, we should move on to the body. Your beginning paragraph should explain your stand on the topic and why you feel or think the way that you do about it. But, that is not all. It should also include at least one piece of supporting evidence. If you have multiple substantive facts then you need to pick the most important. If you have no evidence to support your side then youвll have to stick to statistics or a hypothetical situation in order to explain your point.

In the second paragraph of your persuasive essay outline, you should give your next reason for your stand on the topic and present another form of the prior paragraph, only with another compelling piece of information that supports your side. And then the same with the third paragraph outline.

Next, you should have a section that shows a counterclaim. Basically this should present the oppositionвs point to the argument. This is not an area where the writer should discredit or bring up a derogatory notion to make any opposition feel stupid for their beliefs. This should remain a serious and balanced argument. Feel free to mention why you believe that you are right and they are wrong but do it in a courteous manner. No one wants to see your ability to demean another person for their views or your arrogance to think that yours is the only point of view that matters.

The conclusion is obviously the last piece to the puzzle. It should be a small section that sums up your strongest focus points. So, there you have it. A simple and well uniformed outline to help you write a great essay.

Of course, if you need, you can always get a persuasive essay worksheet online and fill it out to keep your notes organized. This may help you better understand how to design your persuasive essay outline.

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