Personal Experience Essays

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Personal Experience Essays

Encounter with Death

Personal experience essays are common essay topics assigned by professors to students. Since students write based from their own lives, professors deem this kind of essays as a way to prepare students for future writing assignments. Students at times have the prerogative to choose their own topics while some professors provide particular topics on personal experiences that students have to write about. A usual topic given by professors is the personal experience of students on death. Death is a timeless issue and people react differently when faced with the loss of a loved one or anyone close to their hearts. For this essay, you may consider the following suggested outline for your paper:

Begin your paper by citing the general or common reactions or attitude of the society towards death. It would also be excellent to include a brief history on the outlook of people on death. Keep this part concise so you can cite different views on death. Explain each belief on death and comment which of this point of views you think is the best manner to view death. This would serve as your basis in the next parts of your paper when relating your personal experience on your encounter with death.

The next part in writing essays about death would be to describe your personal experience on death. Illustrate the events that took place, your initial reaction, and the step you took to console yourself. You may also describe the reactions of other people around you during that time and state the actions you had taken to comfort them.

Specify if these people had the same reactions as yours and explain why the people around you had similar reactions as yours or if they responded differently. Incorporate some remarks that relates to your belief regarding death and identify the possible outlook on death of these people around you.

A good essay should expound more on personal reaction on death. Give details on what you had felt during that time and explain why you had felt that way. If you had several encounters with the death of someone you know, differentiate your reactions on these different occasions. Explain why you have felt the same on these instances or if you had responded differently on these diverse instances.

Discuss the process you had undergone in coping with the loss. Explain how your attitude towards death had helped in dealing with the loss of someone. Look into the coping process of other people you were with during the time you had learned of the death of the person. Again, relate their different ways in managing to cope with the loss to their possible beliefs on death.

Incorporate a part in which you would enumerate the signs that would indicate that a person would need to seek help and support from professionals or support groups. Dealing with this immense change is hard for some people especially when the person who had died is a parent, a child or someone they had lived with for most of their lives.
Composing personal experience essays regarding death would be easy with this suggested outline. Students may check free essays on the internet for further concepts on this topic.

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